About Us

    The 1st International Convocation of Academies of Engineering and Similar Institutions was held in 1978. Slight changes were made in the title of subsequent convocations during 1980 to 1985. In 1985 the name "Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences (CAETS)" was agreed. On incorporation in 2000, the name became the "International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences, Inc. (CAETS)."

    Founding Academies were involved in the 1978 convocation, the subsequent convocations, and helped form the nature of and the launching of CAETS in 1985. Thereafter, new member academies were added through the election process.

    The CAETS brochure "CAETS: The First 35 Years" briefly describes the development of CAETS and its varoius activities. One section in the brochure, "The Growth of CAETS" identifies the steps taken in developing the organizational structure of CAETS, the member academies involved in hosting convocations and other meetings called to consider dealing with the growth of the membership. The Officers are listed for the period (1978 to 1985) when the leadership was known as the Convocation Steering Committee, for the growth period (1985-2000), and for the post-incorporation period (2001-2008) with the names of the Members of the Board of Directors. The Proceedings of the CAETS Convocations and CAETS Reports provide some sense of the breadth of interest of the membership of CAETS. The CAETS Rotation Schedule describes the non-elective process that identifies the potential future member academies that may host convocations, annual meetings of the Council and provide their members for CAETS leadership positions.

    There is much related to the growth of CAETS that has not been recorded here. The existence of CAETS, as well as its membership requirement for self-government, has encouraged the creation and development of national academies focused on engineering and technological sciences. The exchange of experiences among the member academies has fostered efforts by individual member academies to become more effective in contributing to important national issues with significant engineering content, and regional groupings of academies to contribute to similar regional issues.

    To support the activities of CAETS, each member academy is responsible for its participants’ expenses and annual dues of $3,000.